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Colorizing Monochromatic Solar Images

A Simple Yet Effective Solar Image Colorization Tutorial by John W. O'Neal, II

Have you ever wondered how solar imagers get those nice color images of the sun after capturing files with mono cameras?

The Effects of Atmospheric Seeing on Solar Imaging

Atmospheric seeing is an often overlooked, yet critical aspect of solar imaging. Without good seeing, your gear, camera, and even your techniques and skills donít much matter. So, before we even start thinking about gear, telescopes, cameras, and processing software, etc., we need to discuss this frequently overlooked attribute of solar imaging ó we need to discuss seeing.

I presented this at DAYSTAR FILTERS week long Solar Extravaganza (SOLARFEST 2016) in Missourri in August, 2016.

Sudden Ionospheric Disturbance (SID) Receivers

Learn all about SID Receivers and the people who created them...

I presented this at @ the DAYSTAR FILTERS SOLARFEST 2016 week long solar extravaganza in Missourri in August, 2016

Multiple Wavelength Solar Observing/Imaging w/DAYSTAR QUARKS

Multiple Wavelength Solar Observing/Imaging w/DAYSTAR QUARKS. I presented this at The Catawba Valley Astronomy Club in the summer of 2016, at BOBFEST, the Regional Gathering of Amateur Astronomers, at the Catawba Science Center this spring, 2017 and at Gardner Webb University in Shelby NC in the Fall of 2017.

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Volume 12, Issue 1 - January 15th, 2018
Calcium K Review

ISSUE 97 - Paying it Forward, Pages 10-12
ISSUE 96 - BoBfest Solar Festival, Pages 16-17
ISSUE 96 - Eclipse Reports & Images - SOLARACTIVITY, Pages 68-69
ISSUE 95 - The Sun, The Moon & The Lighthouse, Page 9
ISSUE 95 - Sun Spots, 2017 NEAF Star Party, Pages 66-67

ISSUE 59 - Shooting The January 2019 Total Lunar Eclipse, Pages 34-37