Comet  Tsuchinshan 62P

62P/Tsuchinshan, also known as Tsuchinshan 1, is a periodic comet discovered on 1965 January 1 at Purple Mountain Observatory, Nanking.
It came to perihelion on 25 December 2023 at around apparent magnitude 8, at 0.53 AU (79 million km) from Earth and 110 degrees from the Sun.

I finally got a somewhat clear late night out on January 12th, 2024 with Comet 62P/Tsuchinshan. It's sporting a nice short tail extending away from the Sun right now.
I shot it with my SEESTAR S50, a ZWO Smart Telescope with a 50mm f/5.0 Apochromatic Refractor and ZWO camera with a Sony IMX462 chip..
Comet 62P is currently in the constellation of Leo and rising above the eastern horizon around 11pm EDT. The current estimated magnitude is 9.80 while the latest observed magnitude is 8.2.
I started shooting when the comet was only 8 degrees above the horizon, so the lower portion of my images has a bit of vignetting going on.
 I didn't process it out because that's what it liked like on the monitor and in the eyepiece of my BIG RED Solar Telescope, a 5 inch f/9.5 Refractor.

Here's the live view image straight from the Seestar.                                                                           In this image I took the Fits sub files and stacked the comet , not the stars in Astro Pixel Processor,
                                                                                                                                                         using the Comet Stacking Registration mode. As you can see, stacking on the comet defines the tail much better.

  You can see the proper motion of the comet over 51 minutes                                                           The stack was comprised of 102 x 20 second exposures for a total integration time of 51 minutes.

62P   62P Stacked