Comet Pojmansky, 2006 A1 was the first Comet discovered in 2006 and was unfavorably placed for observers in the north eastern US.  
It was a dawn comet and presented several problems for me personally. 

First, I discovered during an early morning setup at 4:30a.m. that the drive unit on my telescope was not working and I would have to attempt to hand guide photographs.
Second, I was using a brand new digital camera and was not yet familiar with it's features, or even how to operate it.
Third, the weather during these early morning hours did not wish to cooperate;
And lastly, my favorite observing site was no longer available, so I ended up shooting from a less than optional location.

So, while my attempts to photograph this comet were disastrous I was able to see and enjoy it visually.
Pojmansky 2006 A1