On September 9th, 2019 Comets 260P/McNaught and C/2018 N2 ASSASSN were separated in our line of sight in the sky
by less than 2 degrees at about 27 degrees above the eastern horizon at local midnight.
Comet 260P/McNaught shines at 13.9 magnitude and is 0.6 AU from us and 1.4 AU from the Sun
... while ...
C/2018 N2 ASSASSN shines at 13.0 magnitude and is 2.5 AU from us and 3.2 AU from the Sun.

I shot the pair with my Astro Tech AT8IN Imaging Newtonian & my Canon 60Da. I shot 80 x 30 second exposures at 3200 ISO.

I got errible vignetting from the nearby Moon. But I did get to see both comets in one field of view!!!!! Fantastic!!!

This was the very first in over 40 years of observing comets, and probably the last time, I was ever afforded the opportunity to see two comets in the same field of view.
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