Comet Erasmus 2020 S3

My stacked Comet Erasmus 2020 S3 image with 2 Galaxies
NGC 5068 and NGC 5084
shot from my observatory on November 23rd, 2020.

Canon 60Da @ prime focus-Orion EON ED80.
60 x 30 second exposures @ 1600 ISO.
9 of each type calibration frames.
Captured with Backyard EOS & Stacked in Astro Pixel Processor with new Comet stacking algorithm.

I used a Canon 60Da at prime focus of an Orion EON ED80.
170 images, 10 seconds at 1600iso.

Comet Erasmus (C/2020 S3) will soon be inside the orbit of Mercury. Now passing Venus in the early morning sky, the brightening comet is an easy target for backyard telescopes.
It may be visible for only a few more days before the sun's glare swallows it, so set your alarm for dawn and enjoy the show.
Quick, down & dirty single frame, Comet Erasmus, 2020 S3, shot moments ago @ 05:54 EST from Shiloh Observatory in Statesville, NC, USA.
Canon 60Da @ Prime Focus Orion EON ED80 10 seconds @ 1600ISO.
To find the comet, locate Venus, and move to the right about 2 binocular widths.

I kinda like this shot in the clouds...
I hate getting up in the morning and going out to the observatory and getting skunked.  
In the image below, I might not have captured the best possible image of the comet, but it was my best possible comet on that particular morning...