Comet ATLAS, C/2020 M3

I used an Orion EON ED80, an 80/500mm @ f/6.5 Refracting Telescope.
The Camera, at Prime Focus, was a Canon 60DA astrocamera.
I connect the camera to a laptop to capture & download images. I shoot calibration frames to stack.
This image was shot November 18th, 2020 from my observatory.
2020M3 ATLAS

I was out shooting Comet 2020 M3, ATLAS last night under unfavorable conditions. It started out down in the Statesville skydome. As it rose up into good dark sky the Moon Rose.
I'm going to wait about a week or so and try again when the Moon is out of the picture.  I was shooting 30 seconds at 1600 iso with an Orion EON ED80, prime focus at f/5.0 with a Canon 60Da.


Comet ATLAS 2020 M3
2020 M3, Comet ATLAS shot December 10th, 2020 
Acquisition type: Lucky imaging
Imaging telescopes or lenses: Orion EON ED80mm
Imaging cameras: Canon 60Da
Mount: Losmandy Titan Gemini II
Focal reducer: Antares 0.5x focal Reducer
Telescope ASCOM Control
Daystar Flat Cap
nPAE Collimating Diagonal w/Filter Drawer
Date:Dec. 10, 2020
Time: 22:17
Focal length: 250mm
Seeing: 3
Transparency: 3
Basic astrometry details job: 4079881
Resolution: 4973x3514
Location: Shiloh Observatory compleX,
Statesville, North Carolina, United States
Description 2020 M3, Comet ATLAS shot December 10th, 2020 at the Shiloh Observatory. Probably my last parting shot as ATLAS moves back into deep space.
Canon 60Da Astrocamera at prime focus of an Orion EON ED80 with a 0.50 Focal Reducer.
Also, in the bottom right corner of this image you will find NGC 1893, an open cluster in the constellation Auriga. It is about 12,400 light years away.
The star cluster is embedded in the HII region of IC 410. Images of the star cluster by the Chandra X-ray Observatory suggest that it contains approximately 4600 young stellar objects Image may contain: night and sky.